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Drag Racing

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1. Know the fingering:
Left index finger - SPACEBAR (accelerator)
Left middle finger - X key (brakes)
Left ring finger - Z key (parachute)
Right index finger - UP ARROW key (gear shift)
It takes practice, but with repeated play you will get comfortable with it!

2. Click Start Race.

3. You start with a $20,000 budget. It costs $5,000 to race in the Novice tournament, $11,000 to race in the Intermediate, and $25,000 to race in the Championship.

4. You can upgrade your car's capabilities by clicking on the blue buttons next to "Transmission," "Engine," and "Weight." From experience, we can tell you that upgrading your Engine more than the others will give you the best edge.

5. After selecting your upgrades, you should leave at least $5,000 in your budget to enter the Novice race. Click the blue Novice button.

6. You will race 5 times. Click Start to begin the first race.

7. As soon as the countdown begins, hold down the SPACEBAR with your left index finger. Hold your left middle and ring fingers over the X and Z keys, respectively, but DO NOT press them yet. Hold your right index finger over the UP ARROW key, but DO NOT press it until the green light signals the start of the race.

8. When the race starts, continue holding the SPACEBAR down with your left index finger and hit the UP ARROW key with your right index finger to get into 1st gear. Then continue hitting the UP ARROW key to continue upshifting until you are in 5th gear. You do not have to hold the UP ARROW key down like the spacebar.

9. When you cross the finish line, release the SPACEBAR and quickly press AND hold the X and Y keys to stop. If you don't stop in time, you will lose money for damages to your car (from crashing into the barrier).

10. Press Continue to proceed. Then press Start again to begin the next heat.

11. After completing the 5 heats, you will either be given the option to Restart (if you don't have enough money to enter another race), or it will bring up the three race levels again to continue. Use some of your money to continue upgrading your car (especially the engine) - this will make winning races even easier!

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