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1. Click Start.

2. Click Drop Down to select a category. There is more than one puzzle per category, so feel free to replay them.

3. Click Play.

4. The list of words to search for appears in the smaller box on the right.

5. Find the desired words in the larger box on the left. When you find a word from the list, click and hold on the first or last letter of the word, then drag to the other end of the word. Release - the word should then be highlighted.

6. Continue until all words are found.

2010 Johnson City Primitive Methodist Church

Sharing God's love in Christ to you
and through you to the world.


VBS 2007

VBS 2010 - Johnson City Primitive Methodist Church Vacation Bible School
EASTER . . . the Rest of the Story
Publisher: Johnson City Primitive Methodist Church
Johnson City, New York