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1. Double-Click Practice to play, or choose one of the tournaments underneath.

2. Click the red circle in the top left corner if you wish to disable the music.

3. An empty scorecard will appear. Click Continue.

4. Your ball appears near the word "Drop." Use your mouse to move the ball to where you want to start from, then click to drop the ball in that location.

5. Use your mouse to choose the direction your ball will travel, as well as its speed. The further back you pull, the farther the ball will go. When satisfied, click your mouse to hit the ball.

6. Continue until the ball is successfully dropped into the cup. If you fail to sink the ball in 10 strokes, you will be given a 10-stroke score for that hole and will move on to the next hole.

7. After each hole is completed, your updated scorecard will appear. Click Continue to move on to the next hole.

8. Try and beat my best score of 34! Mwuhahaha! 7 aces and no bogeys! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

2010 Johnson City Primitive Methodist Church

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and through you to the world.


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VBS 2010 - Johnson City Primitive Methodist Church Vacation Bible School
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